Forex Project Funding Program for BDSwiss Partners

Forex Project Funding Program for BDSwiss Partners
August 13, 2019

Investing in long-term, mutually beneficial and highly lucrative business relationships, BDSwiss’ partnership program looks to offer its partners more.  At BDSwiss, we focus on working closely with our partners, building two-way collaborations that help our partners grow and expand, which is why we have created the BDSwiss Forex Project Funding program. 


What Type of Projects do we Fund?

BDSwiss’ forex project funding program was created to assist new and existing forex Affiliates and Introducing Brokers optimise their performance by funding or sponsoring any promising forex project ideas including trading seminars, workshops, online webinars and any other forex-related project with potential. BDSwiss’ forex project funding initiative gives all partners, no matter their financial status equal opportunities to organise innovative forex projects. This means that we are also ready to support young entrepreneurs and small start-up affiliate businesses that may lack the capital but have the creative drive to host fresh and engaging forex events that will help promote BDSwiss’ award-winning trading conditions and platforms to new audiences. 


We Give our Partners More

BDSwiss forex project funding program goes beyond providing financial support to our partners; our partner and marketing teams are ready to support our IBs and Affiliates with planning, promoting and organising their event. Our aim is to go above the traditional broker offering and provide our partners with added benefits that help them take their business to the next level, such as personal support, dedicated call centres, competitive and transparent remuneration options and timely and secure pay-outs.


Have a Great FX Project Idea? 

We can fund your next forex project! Share with us your idea, from a forex seminar to a trading gathering or online webinar, we are ready to sponsor any promising project. Just pitch your idea to our Partners’ team by filling in the Forex Project funding application form.