BDSwiss Launches New 2020 IB Competition with a $10,000 Cash Prize Pool

BDSwiss Launches New 2020 IB Competition with a $10,000 Cash Prize Pool
May 15, 2020

BDSwiss is pleased to announce the launch of its latest IB competition with a total of $10,000 in cash prizes on top of monthly earnings!  The competition launches May 15th 00:001 GMT+2 and all existing BDSwiss IBs will be automatically entered into the competition. 


Newly-registered Introducing Brokers that sign up while this competition is running will also be eligible to claim a prize given that they meet the requirements. 



The rules are simple, all you need to do is secure at least 40 new FTDs during  May 15th – July 15th  and claim one of the top 3 places on our Leaderboard by generating the highest total trading volume.  The Competition starts on May 15th 00:01 AM and finishes on July 15th 23:59 PM GMT+2. 



The total prize pool is $10,000 with the first prize being $6,000, the 2nd $3,000 and the 3rd $1,000. All prizes will be credited directly to partner accounts and will be fully withdrawable. 


The IB Leaderboard will be updated on a daily basis based on total turnover and IB ID. BDSwiss IBs will also be able to monitor their total trading volume and monthly earnings on their dashboard. View Leaderboard >>



Our IB $10,000 Competition has just started, so there’s still plenty of time to conquer our Leaderboard. Join BDSwiss IB competition, for a chance to claim cash prizes on top of your monthly earnings! If you are not a BDSwiss IB yet then you need to Register to be able to participate.