5 Affiliate Marketing Tips That Can Boost Your Earnings in 2022

5 Affiliate Marketing Tips That Can Boost Your Earnings in 2022
April 12, 2022

Let’s get some housekeeping definitions out of the way before jumping into this – affiliate marketing in a forex context is when you direct traffic, in this case potential traders, to an external broker’s trading site and/or platform. 

While that might sound like a simple enough process and workflow, there are numerous components that determine the success or failure of a forex marketing affiliate. The only way an affiliate partner gets paid a commission is when a lead, a prospective customer, converts by clicking through their link, signs up to the broker and funds their account. 

That immediately begs the following questions: 

  • How do you qualify your traffic, and filter out people who have no intention of trading?
  • How do you ensure people who land on the broker’s website make the final and most important step which is, fund their account? 
  • How do you turn interest and intention into action?


Here are 5 affiliate marketing tips that can boost your earnings in 2022.


1. Offer Valuable, Actionable, Free Content

We live in an era where content is king. Brands have understood and embraced the value of storytelling and consistently shower their clients, followers, and prospective clients with content that’s both informative and educational. 

Communicating through content, they build bonds of trust and reliability with their target audience. Gone are the days where every piece of content issued by a company had the sole purpose of selling or upselling. People consume content for pleasure, knowledge and personal development. 

This is exactly what modern-day affiliate marketer should keep in mind when they are creating their lead-generation content. Try to nurture instead of force people into trading. Help them see the value it can bring to their life and most importantly show them how to do it. 

People are thirsty for knowledge, for tips that can give them an edge over competition. Spending time to craft content that makes them better traders will break the ice, the barrier between affiliate marketer and potential client. People will show their gratitude for the quality of content by moving along the sales funnel and get closer to funding their account. 

What’s important to note is that actionable content always ranks higher. Usually, customer intent is tied to learning how you can do something. Content like how-to guides, tips, strategies, and tools will see more favourable results.


2. Choose The Right Forex Partner 

What’s the point of doing all the hard work, finding new traders, nurturing them and having them ready and excited to start trading, if the end-destination is unprepared or unequipped to host them? Choosing the right forex partner to work with is the foundation of any successful forex affiliate marketing effort. 

Things you should be looking at are:

  • Brand reputation 
  • Ease of customer onboarding
  • How customer-friendly is the platform
  • Reporting transparency
  • Customer service rating 

If the affiliate programme you’re enrolled in ticks these boxes, you have a solid basis to drive your earnings to new heights.


3. Iterate, Adjust, Improve 

The forex industry is as dynamic as an industry can get. Sitting still and resting on your laurels is a guaranteed way to go out of business. A successful affiliate marketer is someone who understands the ever-changing nature of the industry and is always prepared to make the necessary adjustments. 

When we talk about adjustments and changes these could refer to: 

  • Content format and mediums e.g. guides, how-to, emails, webinars 
  • Topics e.g. trader interests shifts daily, from trade talks to war and pandemic 
  • Influx of new information e.g. present them with new offers


4. Pay Attention to Design and Asset Development 

First impressions matter – we’ve all landed on pages that were too ugly or too slow to keep us engaged and made us bounce within seconds. People are bombarded with content and information on a daily basis and in order to earn their time and attention, you need to invest in the design and technical configuration of your content. 

Whether you’re creating a landing page, an email, or a banner, your design needs to be minimal, crisp, and to the point. Elements need to work harmoniously, load as they should and help the user have an unobstructed, seamless experience.


5. Keep Links Short and SEO-Friendly

Affiliate links are usually long, ugly, clunky and not inviting to click on. To give yourself a better chance for higher CTR, pay attention to the length and composition of links. 

According to research by SEO-authority website Backlinko, URLs that contain a keyword have a 45% higher click through rate compared to URLs that don’t contain a keyword. Different research by the same company showed that the average URL length for a top 10 result in Google is 66 characters

Keeping your link short and including the name of the broker in the link can see your CTR spike through the roof.


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