Introducing Brokers

Our Introducing Broker programme is suited to individuals and institutions with a local presence and a personal client network, enabling you to introduce your clients to one of the most trusted brokerage firms in the forex industry. We offer a variety of tracking tools, marketing materials and dedicated products to cover your referrals’ needs, such as offline and online events and seminars sponsorships.

Join our IB Program and discover our innovative trading platforms, advanced tools, and insightful educational materials, including daily market reports, trading alerts, and live trading webinars by professional traders and expert financial analysts – all designed to help your clients have a seamless, best-in-class trading experience.

Join a Win-Win Partnership

We will help you take your business to the next level

High Commission & Remuneration Options
  • Customisable payment plans to maximise your earning potential
  • Flexible withdrawals with over 150 different payment methods


Avg. payouts per month

Transparent Reporting
  • Personal IB Dashboard for easy access to all marketing tools and analytics
  • Advanced performance tracking and reporting tools

Custom Support Kit
  • Personal Business Development Manager with industry expertise
  • Branded merchandise and promotional materials
  • Sponsored educational seminars and events

Benefits for Clients
  • 24/5 multilingual support in 20+ native languages
  • Regulated and transparent trading environment
  • Award-winning trading conditions with spreads from 0
  • High-quality educational material, daily analysis, live webinars, and e-courses

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At BDSwiss we are committed to helping our partners succeed. One way we do that is through the many free seminars we hold around the world that allow our partners to learn directly from leading industry experts.

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Where can I find the tracking link?

Your link can be found under the “Sign Up Link” on your IB portal Dashboard. Your personal IB tracking link allows you to accurately and efficiently promote your services, enabling you to maximize all potential revenue streams.

How is my commission calculated?

Your commission is calculated based on the trading activity of the clients you have introduced. The amount is calculated per lot traded based on your payment plan agreement.

What is the commission plan offered?

Upon registration, you will receive an appendix indicating your commission plan. For further information please contact the BDSwiss’ Partners Team or your Business Development Manager.

Can you move a client under me if they missed the link?

Kindly note that to add a client manually under an IB Link we will need an email from the client’s registered email address requesting to be moved under that IB.

My client deposited but it is not reflecting on my Portal.

Kindly note that for clients that did not register using an IB’s tracking link and were added at a later stage under the specific IB, the deposits that they had placed before that will not reflect on the IB’s Portal. Once they start generating commission however, the IB’s earnings will be correctly reflected on the IB portal.

Is my commission calculated in real-time?

Yes, your earnings are calculated and displayed in real-time based on the trading volume generated by your network of clients.

Can I view the commission generated per client in my IB portal?

You can view the commission generated per MT4 account under the “Clients” tab.

Can I receive a monthly statement of my IB commissions?

You can download a statement of your clients’ trades via your IB portal. You simply need to click on “Trades”, select the time period from the drop-down menu, click on “Apply” and then click on the “download” tab. You can choose to either copy or download the file as Excel or CSV.

Can I view the performance of my Sub IBs?

You can view the number of clients, volume traded and commission generated from your Sub IBs in your IB portal under the “SUB IBs” tab.

When was my last commission paid?

You can view the paid commissions under the “Payouts” tab in your IB portal.

What does it mean when the status of my clients trade is UNPAID?

This means you have not received the IB commission on those trades yet. You will receive them on your next payment date.

Are the PAMM trades commissions calculated automatically?

Yes PAMM trades commissions are also calculated in real-time and can be viewed under the “PAMM TRADES” tab.

How can I maximize my profits?

Our new reporting tools enable you to conduct thorough performance analysis to maximize your portfolio’s potential. Find out exactly which months are your best performers, understand where your marketing strategy may need fine-tuning or get a real feel as to what your clients are actually looking for.

Do you have any promotional banners?

Of course, we offer a wide range of promotional banners in your IB portal under the Marketing tab.

Can I request specific dimensions of banners to post on social media?

You can find a range of sized banners in your IB portal. Should you require a size that is not available please feel free to contact us with your request via email [email protected]

Can I offer rebates to my clients?

For those of you who offer kickback (rebates) to your clients, you can now set a rebate percentage and provide this service with a simple click of a button.

How do rebates work?

You just need to go to your IB portal, click on “Rebates”, and set the percentage you wish to give back to your client. Please note that the percentage needs to be set before the IB commission is paid.

When do I get my commissions?

IB commissions are paid every 2 weeks. Once at the beginning of the month between the 1st and the 5th of each month and once in the middle of the month between the 15th and the 20th of the month. Also, the IB commission needs to reach a minimum of $100 or account currency equivalent to be paid.

How can I withdraw my IB commissions?

Once the IB commissions are paid you will be able to log in to your Dashboard and place a withdrawal request from your IB wallet.

Can I trade with the IB commissions?

Of course, you can now transfer your IB commissions to your trading account using the Internal transfer option on your Dashboard.

Are any markets banned?

Here’s the list of countries banned for all BDSwiss Group entities: Belgium, Cyprus, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, The United States / US reportable persons.

I have a trader account. Can I use the same email address for my IB account?

Yes, you can use the same email address to register an IB account by clicking here. We also suggest that you use the same password so both accounts can be linked.

If you haven’t found the answer to your
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