Affiliate Programme

Our Affiliate Programme is designed to cater to those with a strong online presence, driving traffic via a website, social media accounts, online FX educational hubs, or other digital media.

Refer BDSwiss products and services to
– Monetise your Traffic
– Earn Competitive Commissions

Discover our flexible commission plans and unleash your full earning potential!

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We give our partners all the tools they need to manage their traffic and increase their ROI

High Conversion Rate
  • Easy Onboarding for your Referrals
  • Multiple Local & International Payment Methods
  • Trusted, Regulated and Secured environment


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Unrivalled Support
  • Dedicated Partner Relationship Manager
  • 24/5 Multilingual Client Support
  • Personal Account Managers for VIP Referrals

100% response rate

Best Tracking Solutions
  • Fast, Comprehensive & Detailed Deep Reporting Performance
  • Independent Mobile Traffic Tracking


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Where can I find the tracking links?

The approval email will direct you to your Dashboard where you can find the tracking links, under Marketing Tools.

How does a 50% Revenue Share commission plan work?

A 50% revenue share plan means that you would receive $6 per traded lot on major currency pairs. It has nothing to do with the deposit amount, but the trading volume, which is important (1 lot traded = $6 commission). So, the client has to also trade, not just deposit.

How much will I receive per customer, trade or lot size?

It depends on your chosen commission plan. Always bear in mind that the clients have to trade, not just deposit and withdraw in a moderate way. The volume of the trades is very important for good-quality commissions.

When can I withdraw my commission? / How can I withdraw my commission?

The payouts for the current month are processed by the 15th of the following month.

How much will I earn for my clients’ trades?

It depends on the type and quality of the trades. For example, on a 50% Revenue Share plan an Affiliate would receive roughly $6 per traded lot on major currency pairs.

Can you move a client under me?

We are unable to move a client from one account to another. This is to protect our affiliates and our clients’ data.

Can I become a Master Affiliate? What is the commission for a Master Affiliate?

Yes, a Master Affiliate can earn commissions from each of their Sub-Affiliates.

Are the new registrations shown on my database when the clients create an account through the provided link or when they make a deposit?

Once the client signs up using the tracking link provided by the Affiliate, they will appear as registered. Please bear in mind that, in order for an affiliate to receive a commission, the client has to make the minimum deposit and meet the required qualifications, based on the Affiliate’s commission plan. Additionally, when signing up, they must use the tracking link provided correctly.

Do you offer bonuses?

Yes, we offer FTD bonuses. T&Cs Apply

What is the minimum deposit amount for clients?

Minimum deposits may vary depending on the Affiliate.

What is an FTD?

An FTD is a first time deposit, which occurs when the client makes their first deposit with real money.

Are there any banned markets?

The banned countries for BDSwiss include:

  • EU
  • Canada
  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Eritrea
  • Iran
  • Japan
  • Libya
  • Mauritius
  • Myanmar
  • North Korea
  • Seychelles
  • Somalia
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • UK
  • United States / US reportable persons

Why is my account showing a negative balance?

When a client makes a good trade and withdraws, the system will update accordingly to show this. The commission is adjusted if the client withdraws their earnings. The more the clients trade, the bigger the commission.

Are there rules on how long the trade has to be open for me to gain the commission?

The higher the trade, the bigger the commission. Basically, the more trades, the more the affiliate’s commission increases. There is no time limit for the trade to be open.

How do you track if someone has signed up through me if they don't use my affiliate link?

We can only track traffic that comes from using the Affiliate links, so the clients have to always and correctly use the tracking links provided by the Affiliate.

What if a client withdraws all funds? Do I get notified that I will no longer be receiving commission?

There is no notification on a total client withdrawal. Every Affiliate has to keep an eye on their clients by reviewing the reports provided in their dashboard. The reports give the affiliate information on the clients’ trading activity and withdrawals.

Where do I upload my KYC documents?

Our Back Office will be in touch to request all the necessary documentation.

Are there any bank fees that apply to payouts?

We use the common SHA method, meaning that we pay our bank fees for foreign transfers. An Affiliate’s bank might make a charge too, which is to be covered by the Affiliate. SEPA Transfers in Euros within Europe are free.

Is BDSwiss a market maker?

BDSwiss is both an STP broker (Straight-Through Processing) as well as a market maker.

I have a trader account. Can I use the same email address for my affiliate account?

Please bear in mind that affiliates cannot use the same email address that is linked to their trader account to sign up. We suggest using an alternate email address or, alternatively, we can delete the trading account linked to the old email.

Can my clients just sign up and deposit first before any verification?

Yes. However, our Back Office will be in touch to request all the necessary documentation.

What is the execution model used by BDSwiss?

A market execution model.

If you haven’t found the answer to your
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