New ‘Spread Share’ Commission Plan

New ‘Spread Share’ Commission Plan
October 13, 2022

At BDSwiss, we never stop polishing and refining our offering. Our goal is to always reinvent ourselves and offer solutions that keep up with the dynamic trading environment of our times. 

The newest iteration of our efforts comes in the form of a new commission plan that sees Partners commission being calculated based on the percentage of the “spread cost” applied to the opening of a client’s trade position. 

What the new plan does is to essentially give a share of the percentage that the clients pay, back to the IB as a commission. Our current spread share campaign offering captures the spread when the client opens the position. 

Let’s use an example to illustrate how the plan works. 

  • Think of a EUR/USD lot, where the spread is 2 pips
  • 1 lot where each pip is 10 USD
  • That means that 2 pips = cost of 20 USD 
  • So,  20 * 40% = 8 USD paid to the IB after the client closes the position

This is a plan that mirrors our constant efforts to give back to our partners and give them incentives to continue doing the excellent work they are doing. Keep in mind that the percentage varies from IB to IB.