Top 5 Benefits of Holding A Forex Seminar

Top 5 Benefits of Holding A Forex Seminar
December 9, 2021

Among the many ways you can put yourself and your IB business in front of the competition in a saturated market is to hold an educational seminar.

With over half of beginner traders in any market losing money, there is no doubt that forex clients are yearning for expert education and support. Introducing brokers that can provide a competitive edge through training have a huge advantage in the retail fx space.

When clients trust their educational provider, they are naturally also more likely to trust their IB’s broker and platform recommendations.

In general, conducting a seminar is a great opportunity for you and your business to shine.

Holding a Forex Trading seminar can be beneficial to your IB business in 5 distinct ways:

  • 1. Increase lead generation by raising awareness of your IB business and by expanding your reach.

    Simply registering as an Introducing Broker and waiting for clients to come without putting yourself out there will probably not get you very far.

    If people don’t know who you are and what kind of services your broker provides, how are they then supposed to come to you?

    The most important marketing aim for your business should be to increase awareness of your IB service by making yourself as visible as possible.

    High brand visibility can help in generating leads and could subsequently help grow your potential client base and referrals.

    A Forex trading seminar is an ideal way of letting people know about your brand and your services and can allow you to expand your overall reach by increasing the visibility of your brand.

  • 2. Establish brand credibility by positioning yourself as a Thought Leader

    Potential clients are more likely to convert when your brand is established as being a credible expert in your field. Therefore, brand credibility is of vital importance to your IB business.

    When you show people that you are an expert in the field they are interested in, they are more likely to remember you, follow you and spread the word about you.

    By hosting an educational seminar, you can position yourself as a Thought Leader in the forex industry, and thus establish both the authority and credibility necessary to convert your prospects and strengthen the loyalty of your current clients.

    Educational seminars can also make your business appear more engaging and as being active in the general happenings of the FX industry.

  • 3. Network with other FX businesses and establish better ties with your current partners.

    It is a good opportunity to give the spotlight to your business partners and allow them to showcase your business through theirs, making it a ‘win-win’ situation.

    This can in turn strengthen your business bonds with your current partners and raise the potential of networking and possibly cooperating with even more FX-related partners than before.

    The more your partner network grows, the more the potential for your business to grow as well.

  • 4. Provide value to your clients by educating them on Forex Trading

    One of the best ways to add value to your offering is to educate your clients as much and as best as possible.

    Educational FX trading seminars are widely sought after by online traders of all levels. By providing them with the education they need, traders perceive your offering and your business as highly valuable and are more likely to prefer you over other businesses that do not offer as much value.

    Moreover, it is a good chance to touch on subjects that are currently trending, which can make you look “relevant” in the eyes of your target audience and thus allow you to ride along the trend wave.

  • 5. Receive insights from your current and potential clients through surveying

    An excellent way to measure demand and feedback from your current and potential clients is to survey your seminar attendees.

    Analysis of survey data can lead to important insights that can help you towards taking the right steps for your business to grow.


How BDSwiss Can Assist You in Holding Your Forex Trading Seminars

BDSwiss sponsors bespoke seminars and can help with all the event details such as providing:

      • the venue where your seminar will be held at
      • efficient marketing material for higher conversion rates
      • dedicated on-site support by a BDSwiss representative who speaks the local language
      • the speakers/educators, as well as the subject matter, for your seminar

To learn more about how to set up and host a seminar through BDSwiss, please visit our Introducing Broker’s page here.